Express Yourself

I had a boutique 15 years ago. The ethos was about dressing women and men in all areas of their lives ranging from their 20s- their 70s. From school run to gym. Work meeting to dinner. Weekends to holidays. It was about dressing for your lifestyle. About developing a style unique to you. 


We so easily lose sight of how we want to look or even how we think we fit into our own bodies at different times in our lives. What are your clothes saying about you? Are they representing the True You?

The clothes you wear are often the first thing people notice and they make an assumption about you in 3 seconds. 


From years of experience and hundreds of clients I help you find your unique personal style, helping you dress authentically in all areas of your life.

Improving on this initial experience I am now excited to offer Express Yourself a service which combines 2 life coaching sessions and a wardrobe edit.

This really will change the way you feel about yourself.


The life coaching takes place in my office in E1 and then I will come to your home, where I will spend 2 hours creating you an updated wardrobe to express the True You.

'Express Yourself Package'


2 hours coaching

2 hours wardrobe edit

Investment in yourself £538

What Clients have said



What a combination! The Coaching was inspiring and made me look at some things in my life in a completely new way, but for me the wardrobe edit was a revelation. Joanna began by trawling through my rather chaotic wardrobe, she quickly identified colours, styles and labels that suited me best and set about discarding old fashioned and frumpy ‘old favourites’ with a humourous pragmatic approach. She then re-organised my clothes and came up with some great ideas to create new outfits from my existing wardrobe. She also suggested adding some essentials and offered tips on how to make simple alterations to create ‘new’ pieces.


The whole experience was inspiring and I feel as though I can now dip into my wardrobe with confidence; better still I have ended up with several ‘new outfits’ without having been near a shop!  Above all the combined experience of insights into old ways of thinking and a ‘new wardrobe’ was great fun and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Miranda – Guildford


I’m 53 years old and felt I had completely lost my way after my divorce in what I wanted to wear and what to do with my life. My son and daughter where always saying how I looked like an old hippy and that I should go and get a job and do something for myself.  Pre marriage I had worked in marketing but the thought of going back to an office scared me, I hadn’t worked in 20 years, Joanna through insightful questions and careful listening made me realize what I wanted was to go back to an office but have a whole new career.  I have already booked my course to train as a massage therapist and am super excited.  With regard to the way I dress that had not changed much since before the children were born, I don’t really have that much interest in clothes but I do like to  look nice. I booked Joanna through a recommendation from a friend. I would never have thought a couple of hours with someone would make me feel so good about myself. Joanna gave me all my old confidence back and then some and helped me take a completely fresh look at what I wanted out of life and how I wanted to dress and present myself. She made me look at who I am NOW in that moment I was with her. She even suggested how a new hairstyle and colour would really make a big difference. (I had this done last week it was totally amazing, I hadn’t really changed my hairstyle since I was 25. My kids couldn’t believe it and said I looked amazing and they were so proud of me and that I looked  ten years younger!

I couldn’t be happier. 


Carol - Ealing