Be Yourself

Human beings are truly extraordinary in that we create our worlds and our future moment by moment so, as creators, we may as well decide what to create - and that is an amazing life for ourselves!

We have one life – and this is it! Be the magnificent human you were born to be.


Start by asking yourself these questions: 


Do you give yourself a hard time?

Do you have negative voices in your head?

Do you know who you truly are?

Do you question your decisions?

Do you love yourself?

Do you really feel you are living your best life?

Do you feel unenthusiastic about your future?

Do you feel life is happening to you?


Are you:





Feeling helpless/lost?

Struggling with life?

Fed up with the negative voice in your head?


It's never too late to help yourself


I offer a one off coaching session to explore your issues


Or a 3 / 6 month ‘commitment to change’

I have a degree in Fine Art, am a certified Professional  Life Coach accredited by the Life Coaching Directory and a Master NLP Practitioner and Professional member of the ANLP International CIC

Degree in Fine Art & courses in Existentialism, Religion & the Decline of Magic, Psychology,The Secret World of the Mind,Sociology, Philosophy & Astrology.