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On this years September Retreat we are lucky enough to have Sonia Gibney of  Yoga Sensations who teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga,  along with myself Joanna  who will be discussing Issues around Identity and giving one to one Coaching Sessions.



My workshop/talks are about Identity, Me, Myself & I, learning to tap into your Soulstyle the True You. Discovering the relationship you have with the voice in your head. Stripping back the layers of social conditioning, upbringing etc and discovering what your values and beliefs really are, not in association to social norms or what you think they should be or in relation to family, friends etc but from the very real perspective of the Self and I to help you implement those beliefs into all areas of your life.

In todays multimedia world your True Self is often masked behind many filters both digital and social. To stand alone and ask yourself the questions, What do I want? What kind of life do I want to live? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? What if anything was possible, what difference would that make? Are some of the questions we should be continuously asking ourselves.

Comprising of short talk  & combination of workshop style exercises and Q&A/discussion. You will leave with a clearer understanding of who you are and what you want.


October/November 2018

Queens Park NW6 

East Dulwich SE 22

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Throughout 2019 Soulstyle will be running small workshops to coincide with the New Moon and Full Moon.

The moon is deeply connected with our unconscious emotional world and the aim of the workshops is to open up to new possibilities, set future intentions and release what no longer serves us, through mind body & soul practices ,which will also include yoga & meditation.

2019 DATES

January 6, January 13 (sold out)

February 3 & 17 (sold out)

March 10 & 24

April 7 & 28

May 5,  May 19 (sold out)

June 9 & 23

July 7 & 14

August 4 & 18

September 15 & 29

October 13 & 27

November 17 & 24

December 8

£68 including brunch

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